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Hello! We’re your small yet mighty, in-house team of video and audio professionals who live and breathe everything podcasting! We are dedicated to producing show-stopping podcast content for your business, as well as providing a relaxed and enjoyable studio experience (plus we make great brews!) Come and say hello!



Founder and podcast super-nerd, Jacob started Liverpool Podcast Studios after graduating as a sound engineer and starting his own lockdown podcast back in 2020. Combining his tech savviness with a passion for podcasting, LPS was born! His secret sauce? A splash of interior design expertise, ensuring that each podcast set is as visually delightful as it is audibly engaging.


Podcast Producer

After studying music production and previously producing and creating viral clips for popular comedy podcasts, Dylan now specialises in hosting and producing with clients during filming! With his expert production knowledge and his Northern Irish charm, Dylan makes every studio session a breeze.


Podcast Producer

With 7 years of videography and video editing experience under his belt, as well as previously working freelance and editing popular children’s podcasts, Calvin fully grasps what makes long-form content pop. Calvin is also our colour grade master, so expect your content to look picture perfect!

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