Our Clients

Chattin Pony with Paddy the Baddy

Liverpool legend Paddy the Baddy approached us after previously recording his podcast on his phone via Zoom. After being unsatisfied with the quality and setup, he decided it was time for an upgrade!

Since working with us, Paddy has taken Chattin Pony global, with guests such as Molly Meatball McCann, Steve-O from Jackass, Jocko Willink and Jamie Webster. With the continued success of his podcast, Paddy has amassed a substantial online audience, reaching over 800,000 YouTube subscribers.

The Late Challenge / This is Anfield

After working with us on filming course content, Paul Cope wanted to bring his vision of a comedic, sport and culture-related podcast to life with his co-host, The Anfield Wrap co-founder Gareth Roberts.

The lads have since launched The Late Challenge, wracking up over 375,000 YouTube views. They cover everything sports and culture, from LFC to ranking crisps in their infamous Crunchin’ Challenge segment!

Due to the success of the show, they have recently joined forces with This is Anfield for the Live at 5 show, covering recent Liverpool games live from the studio!

Talk Twenties

Founder Gaby Mendes came to us during the pandemic after recording her podcast Talk Twenties over Zoom from home, and wanted to outsource the production whilst stepping up her podcast quality.

Hosting a range of guests from Love Island’s Brad McClelland & Sharon Gaffka to multi-million pound business founders such as Dom McGregor (Social Chain) and Ben Gallagher (Luxe Collective), Talk Twenties has grown into more than just a podcast, launching their first in-person networking event ‘TwentiesFest’ later this year.

Richard Grannon

We were approached by life coach and psychologist Richard Grannon in early 2021 to host some interviews for his YouTube channel which at the time had around 250,000 subscribers.

After launching his podcast as well as recording online educational courses, seminars and lectures to aid people in overcoming narcissistic abuse, Richard’s channel now boasts over 500,000 subscribers, after combining his natural comedic flair with his deep psychological intellect and sympathy.

Girls in Marketing

Olivia Hanlon, founder of Girls In Marketing, approached us with the idea of a podcast dedicated to the marketing sector to help continue to build their huge LinkedIn presence, as well as shaping her own personal brand.

Olivia and her team’s consistency helped them crack into the Apple Podcasts’ Marketing Chart at number #3, as well as utilising the studio space to film online course content.

Ste McGrath

After booking a one-off session to record some podcast episodes, fitness and business expert Ste McGrath wanted us to manage both his long-form content as well as create eye-catching, professional clips to promote his business tips and success stories mentoring and working with other fitness coaches.

Over 11 million YouTube Short views later, Ste continues to help other coaches’ businesses take off to make over 4-5 figures monthly, thanks to the use of daily educational reels and value-driven YouTube videos.

Leaders in Cleantech

After staring his podcast in 2018, Hyperion founder David Hunt wanted to upgrade the quality and production value with the goal of continuing to share the business journeys of global cleantech companies and how to find and retain talent in the industry.

Taking full advantage of our remote recording services, David has been able to connect with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and industry insiders across the globe, exploring the highs and lows of business in the cleantech sector.

Elle Sera

Founder Elissa Corrigan booked in with us early 2023 with the drive to push Elle Sera’s female empowerment message through a podcast dedicated to all things around women’s health, beauty and fitness.

Now over 16 episodes in featuring guests such as The Apprentice’s Jess Cunningham, Real Housewives of Chesire’s Leanne Brown and Coronation Street’s Faye Brookes, the Elle Sera podcast continues to spread awareness of women’s struggles and stories with health issues such as menopause, providing expert advice on how to ease their symptoms and boost their self-confidence.

Chiedza Ikpeh

Founder of the RARA Education Project, Chiedza approached us with the concept of highlighting the stories and achievements of black people across the UK, as well as sharing her own story in studying for her PhD.

Her podcast Being Black in Britain has given the black community a platform to express the nature and essence of the black experience, highlighting black-led organisations and leaders making extraordinary contributions in pursuit of social justice.