Our fully customisable podcast studio

Our Liverpool podcast studio is completely customisable based on your unique needs. We offer a wide selection of podcast sets which can be tailored to your preferences, with customisable lighting options, varying backgrounds and furniture setups, and you can include your own personalised items to ensure it fits your specific branding. This can all be set up and changed in a matter of minutes, so if you fancy changing things up on the day, it’s no problem at all!


Absolutely, we offer a selection of 6 bespoke podcast sets for you to choose from. Each set can be tailored to your liking with options such as RGB lighting, background choices, and the inclusion of your personalised items, ensuring your podcast space reflects your unique style and branding.

When you complete your booking, you can include some additional information about which set you’d like so we can have it ready when you arrive. Our podcast sets only take 5-10 minutes to change so you can always make your decision on the day!

Yes, our spacious open-plan studio features a comfortable waiting area complete with a TV to watch the show and a fridge full of cold drinks, giving your guests the best seat in the house to watch the podcast! Plus we have a few arcade machines – can you beat our producer Greg’s high score in Pac-Man?

Absolutely, we have a customer bathroom and kitchen facilities (we make great coffee!)