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Liverpool’s leading video production studio

Our Liverpool city centre studio is equipped for creating a wide range of video content. We have all the equipment on-site to create everything from tutorials and seminars to educational videos, testimonials and live streams. We’re here to support your video creation process, from pre-production to finished product. With a team of expert producers, videographers and editors, we can help make your vision a reality.

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Video content that delivers results

Video is an essential part of any marketing strategy for brands, businesses and individuals. It is a phenomenal tool for capturing attention, learning, and convincing audiences, and it can help make any topic more engaging. If you need video for your business or brand, Liverpool Podcast Studios can help. We do everything in-house and can tailor our service to suit your needs, creating videos with purpose, that deliver results.

Our video production team will work closely with you to record the most effective video content that achieves your goals. Thanks to our fully customisable studio space, which is kitted out with all the latest equipment, we can easily create a wide range of video content.


Maximise the impact of your news, product or service with a high-quality announcement video. Filmed, produced and edited in our state-of-the-art studio space using the highest-quality audio and video equipment, we’ll help you grab the attention of your viewers and create an announcement video that gets noticed.

Online course content

Videos are an engaging and incredibly effective way to deliver course content, providing a great learning experience for students or learners. Our highly customisable, acoustically treated studio is the ideal space to record your online course content as we have all the professional equipment needed to produce high-quality video course content with clear, concise audio that will keep your learners engaged.

We can even edit your course content for you once recorded, cutting it into lessons or modules, integrating your branding, and putting it into the correct format needed to deliver your course.

Educational videos

Want to educate your audience in a way that really resonates? Take your teaching to the next level by recording high-quality educational videos you can share across a variety of platforms.

FAQ Videos

When it comes to FAQs, people are usually searching for a quick, clear and easy-to-understand answer. FAQ videos are a great way to do this, explaining something clearly and concisely. They’re especially useful when explaining something complex or longwinded, as you can answer in a way you can’t get across with the simple written word.


Need good quality headshots for your team? Whether you’re looking for something completely professional or want your team to portray their unique personalities, we can set up our studio to suit, and our experienced photographer can get the perfect shots to use across your website, e-signatures, LinkedIn and other platforms, providing a face behind the name.


Looking to film a gripping interview with someone for your brand, podcast, socials or TV show? With 6 different sets to choose from, professional microphones, and customisable studio RGB lighting, you can film any kind of interview, from formal to relaxed.

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Live Streams

Reach your audience in real time thanks to our tailored multi-channel live streaming services. We make live streaming simple and flawless. Our team manage the whole process from initial concept and set up through to post-production, providing ongoing assistance throughout to deliver broadcast-quality live streaming for your event. Let us manage everything for you, so you can relax and focus on your event.

Onboarding videos 

A good onboarding video can not only help to save you hours when inducting a new employee but also help to ease a new hire’s first-day jitters. A friendly, clear and informative onboarding video can enhance the onboarding experience and get across the information you need in a faster, more engaging and memorable way. We are here to help you create the ultimate employee onboarding video that can be used over and over.

Seminars or Webinars 

Seminars and webinars are powerful tools for sharing information. Whether you want to record them in advance or live stream your content, we can facilitate this for you, producing premium quality webinar or seminar videos to help you reach and educate your audience.

Training videos 

Training videos are a great way to share knowledge and information and provide easy-to-follow instruction. They can help your business save hours on individual training of employees, as they can be recorded and used over and over. We can help you create effective training videos that deliver a memorable and informative learning experience.


Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for marketing your business, and testimonial videos take this to the next level. Nothing instils trust quite like an engaging video of someone saying just how good you are. We can record your clients or customers and integrate your branding, cutting in other footage to truly showcase the quality of your business.

Video content that delivers results

Get in touch with our video production team today to find out more about our video content services. We’re happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote based on your specific needs.

Our fully customisable podcast studio

Our Liverpool podcast studio is completely customisable based on your unique needs. We offer a wide selection of podcast sets which can be tailored to your preferences, with customisable lighting options, varying backgrounds and furniture setups, and you can include your own personalised items to ensure it fits your specific branding. This can all be set up and changed in a matter of minutes, so if you fancy changing things up on the day, it’s no problem at all!


We include standard post-production at no extra cost with all of our services, giving you a seamless, cost-effective podcast production experience.

The duration of podcasts can vary significantly, ranging from 20 minutes to up to a few hours. For those looking to build and establish a new audience, we typically recommend keeping episodes around 30 minutes to optimise engagement and viewer retention. Ultimately, the number of podcasts you can record during your studio session will depend on the length and content of each episode.

Absolutely, we offer a selection of 6 bespoke podcast sets on our ‘studios’ page. Each set can be tailored to your liking with options such as RGB lighting, background choices, and the inclusion of your personalized items, ensuring your podcast space reflects your unique style and branding.

For one-off bookings, you’ll receive your podcast video and audio as a download link within 5 working days of recording.

Our monthly production plans offer consistent benefits like a dedicated producer, priority studio access, and podcast platform uploads. The key distinctions lie in the allocated studio hours and the number of podcast clips provided. Some podcasters opt for fewer, longer recording sessions, condensing their weekly episodes into one or two monthly visits, while others prefer a weekly recording slot for individual episodes.

Yes, there is a minimum commitment of 3 months for our monthly production plans. We’ve established this timeframe because it typically takes 3 months to effectively set up your podcast, establish a consistent production schedule and begin to see the rewards of your podcasting efforts. This commitment ensures that we can set a strong foundation for your podcast and achieve your goals over the subsequent months of our work together.

Of course! You can switch between our monthly production plan tiers if your needs change, with a 30-day notice before making the switch. We understand that your podcasting requirements may evolve and we’re here to support your journey. Simply contact us and we’ll assist you in making the transition seamlessly within the required notice period.

We upload podcasts to a variety of popular platforms, including but not limited to YouTube Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Additionally, we provide you with a number of captioned podcast clips ready to be posted on multiple social media platforms to maximise the impact and reach of your podcast.

Let us help you bring your video content to life.

For more information about our podcast production and recording services, get in touch with the team today. We’re ready and waiting to offer you a seamless podcast production service and make your dreams a reality.


“I want to thank Liverpool Podcast Studios for helping us out with the podcast, I wouldn’t be able to do this without them I’m terrible with technology!”

Paddy the Baddy

“Shoutout to the guys at Liverpool Podcast Studios, they have been a monumental figure in my business over the last 12 months. They’ve been supporting me with the podcast which honestly I wouldn’t be doing if I didn’t have them in the background doing it, and also helping me with social media videos. They’re knowledgeable, caring, hard working, kind, but they also really have a passion for producing high quality stuff which I am a major fan of. If you’re considering getting a podcast done or any video work, then I could not recommend anybody more than Liverpool Podcast Studios. ”

Chris Brown

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“Whenever I’m in Liverpool I always use Liverpool Podcast Studios. It’s an all in one solution, they’ll film it for you, edit it for you, anything like that they do the whole thing. It’s an excellent service that I highly recommend.”

Josh Mantle – Gardner Systems

“Liverpool Podcast Studios is the perfect place to record your podcast in the North West. Whether you’re looking for audio only or video edited podcasting LPS can support your needs in an extremely professional and affordable way. With the help of Jacob, the Talk Twenties Podcast has truly been enhanced since moving to the studio and we’ve even been nominated for a British Podcast Award.”

Gaby Mendes – Talk Twenties